There Is No Other

"A second collection of powerful stories by Papernick pursues the conflicted inner turmoil of Jews caught in a modern maelstrom...Papernick's new collection is tight and fearless."
Publishers Weekly

"Papernick has dared to do what few writers can, writing about people who we may not always love, on subjects we may not always find comfortable, with such passion and skill that we are reminded why great tales are grand adventures."
Huffington Post

"Papernick’s fiction takes no prisoners...(his) stories grab our attention and keep us glued to the page...Sometimes, darkness falls, sometimes transcendence lifts, but in each case, tenderness always lurks just around the edges...unforgettable."
Sanford Pinsker, Hadassah Magazine

"Jon Papernick is an utterly original writer...Every single story here delivers a knock-out punch that will leave you reeling long after you've put it down—and revising your thinking on what life and love really mean."
Dara Horn, author of In the Image, and The World to Come.

“Papernick writes with tremendous passion about the downside of love,sex, and faith. The characters in this fearless collection are lovely and desperate and (like all of us) unforgettably stung by the world of their own disappointments.”
Steve Almond, author of My Life in Heavy Metal and Candyfreak.

"Papernick writes about life, not literature. Every story deepens our understanding of humanity and leaves us just a little bit smarter."
Michael Wex, Best-selling author of Born to Kvetch.

"Papernick writes about Jewish tradition from the inside with an insider's comprehension of its quirks and contradictions in a prose style tinged with dark humor and irreverence. Comparisons have aptly been made with Nathan Englander and Bernard Malamud...Papernick is nothing if not a literary iconoclast keen on exploding our idols, ideals and conceptions about ourselves and others. At times erotic and infused with a dark and sometimes-funny magic realism."
Canadian Jewish News

"Edgy...difficult...Papernick disconcerts and surprises. His confrontation with Judaism, with the whole question of what Jewishness means, is one of the most original I've read in a long time."
Na'amat Woman Magazine

"Surprising, shocking, profane and hilarious, There Is No Other explores the lives of Jews on the edge of despair, desperate to connect to each other, their kids, and their God. One of the most startlingly brilliant story collections I’ve read in years."
Caroline Leavitt, novelist, book critic, screenwriter.

"The nine short stories in Jonathan Papernick's new collection veer from startling to crass to surprisingly poignant. Papernick has a dark knack for creating unusual and uncomfortable situations for his protagonists...there are moments of empathy, tenderness and hope that shine through even some of the darker stories."
Jewish Book World

“Papernick excels at setting a scene, blending place and dialogue to bring us quickly into the space of each story..."The Miracle Birth" offers a magical realist tale of an Israeli girl whose virgin pregnancy is discovered when she is six years old. The story may be a fable for modern Jewry."
The Globe and Mail

"Writing with an insider’s insight, Papernick tackles tough issues in clear, succinct prose...full of chutzpah, humour, and stimulating questions."
PRISM international

"With this new book, “There Is No Other,” Papernick returns to the short story, presenting nine gripping and powerful illustrations of his first-rate artistry."
The Jewish Chronicle

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