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                      ABOUT ME

Paper&ink Editorial is novelistshort story writer, teacher and storyteller Jonathan Papernick.


I have been teaching fiction writing for the past twenty years and have worked with thousands of writers in the classroom and beyond, helping to create moving and powerful works of fiction.

I serve as Senior Writer-in-Residence in the Department of Writing, Literature and Publishing at Emerson College, in Boston,

where I have taught since 2007.


I have also taught fiction writing at Pratt Institute, Center for Creative Youth, GrubStreet, Brandeis University, BIMA, and Bar Ilan University, in Ramat Gan, Israel.


I have worked with clients of all skill-levels (from beginners to published authors) in order to help them harness their full potential through my honest and rigorous approach. I understand the value of a caring and engaged reader, who is able to bring a critical eye to the page and help a manuscript fulfill its ambition -- to bring to life something that did not previously exist. 


Don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation to determine

if Paper&Ink Editorial is the right fit for you.

Your manuscript matters.

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Jon Papernick , Senior Writer-In-Residence, Emerson College


Paper&Ink Editorial: Your Manuscript Matters

Author of The Ascent of Eli IsraelThere Is No Other and The Book of Stone

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Your Manuscript Matters

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity.” Franz Kafka

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