Jonathan Papernick

XYXX is a limited-edition anthology of erotic short fiction by acclaimed short story writer, Jonathan Papernick. The five stories in this collection are shot through with lust, adultery, desire, sex and all of the struggles and complications of eros in the modern world. Author Steve almond once wrote, “Papernick writes with tremendous passion about the downside of love, sex…” Papernick brings that passion to the page with the stories “We Were One,” “What Is It Then, Between Us?” “In Flagrante Delicto,” “The Cinq a Sept Girl,” and the deeply personal lament, “Saudade.”

The collection features artwork by Aubrey Beardsley, Egon Scheile, and Max Ernst.

My new limited edition mini-collection Five Stories High and Rising is now available.

"The King of the King of Falafel' is a perfect American story that we'll still be reading a hundred years from now." -- William Giraldi, author of Busy Monsters

"Papernick is an utterly original writer." --Dara Horn, author of All Other Nights.

"There is a muscular certainty to the best of Papernick's stories that is altogether harrowing," The New York Times Book Review

"Like Philip Roth in Goodbye, Columbus or William Styron in Sophie’s Choice, Papernick finds drama in interfaith attraction. “Skin for Skin,” concerns a Jewish girl unnerved by the cross on her boyfriend’s neck and by his uncircumcised penis. -- The Jewish Daily Forward